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The State of Washington wants to make our state business friendly by providing a way to obtain tax refunds on their B&O taxes. This applies to many business, including Tech companies. For such companies, the Department of Revenue has established recent rulings allowing for substantial B&O tax refunds for past years and tax savings opportunities for current and future years. There are key determining factors that must be evaluated to successfully navigate through the formal refund process. The Tech Horizon’s team are cutting-edge specialists in this new and little known B&O work, which complements our expertise in analyzing, reporting and successfully obtaining State of Washington refunds for our clients.

Mark Sabo

Mark Sabo, CPA, MBA

Mark Sabo holds an MBA from Seattle Pacific University and he has been an adjunct professor of accounting at both Seattle Pacific University and Northwest University, and lecturer at the University of Washington Business School, Highline Community College and Central Washington University.

After 30 years as a finance and operations executive, Mark Sabo, is well-positioned to help lead an organization’s future growth.

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Evan Sabo

Evan Sabo, Account Manager

Evan has an incredible passion for social media, combined with a genetic appeal towards entrepreneurialism. He has assisted Tech clients in B&O refunds in 2015 resulting in over $55,000 in refunds. Evan provides the saavy approach needed to understand companies and their growth areas in this tech mobilized environment. His past successes include retail, service, and online marketing industries. He is a former college soccer player who brings skills of teamwork and hard work to the Tech Horizons team.

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Janice LaFreniere

Janice LaFreniere

Janice as Co-Founder of Tech Horizons, brings an entrepreneurial spirit, alongside a background in healthcare. Janice brings to clients the opportunities and motivations to growing your business often overlooked in just the raw numbers. She is a relationships expert and works diligently to help you understand that the growth in your business revenues does not need to come at the high cost of excessive B&O taxes. She is often the initial client contact and, as with the entire Tech Horizon’s team, will help you keep more of the hard-earned revenue you receive.

As Contributing Advisory Member to Tech Horizons

Herb Kierulff, DBA

Herb Kierulff graduated with a BA in Economics from Stanford,  and earned his MBA and Doctorate in Business Economics from the University of Southern California. His diverse clientele has ranged from inventors and entrepreneurs to managers at TRW and Microsoft, government agencies such as the U.S Department of Energy and the Small Business Administration, and educational institutions here and abroad.

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