Herb Kierulff

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER to Financial Horizons

Herb Kierulff graduated with a BA in Economics from Stanford and subsequently managed two departments at Sears Roebuck.  He returned to school at the University of Southern California earning an MBA and Doctorate in Business Economics.  He then took a job as Economist for Security Pacific Bank.  From there he moved to the technology division of TRW, Inc. where, among other tasks, he helped manage a joint venture with a Canadian mining company, participated in the restructuring of his 650 person department, and worked with aspiring corporate entrepreneurs writing business plans.

Herb is currently the Donald Snellman Professor of Entrepreneurship and finance at the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.  Herb has consulted on a part time basis throughout his career, mostly in the fields of business planning and turnaround management.  His diverse clientele has ranged from inventors and entrepreneurs to managers at TRW and Microsoft, government agencies such as the U.S Department of Energy and the Small Business Administration, and educational institutions here and abroad.

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