B&O Tax Refunds

Substantial B&O tax savings are available to many Washington companies
Based on new tax letter rulings, the Washington Department of Revenue has established a substantial opportunity for tax savings to WA tech companies. We are experts at the analysis and reporting of this tax refund which applies to all companies who work on services marketed around the country, such as in assisting in internet deliverables.

Huge tax savings are available to many various companies and industries, including tech companies from App Developers, IT Consultants, Data Centers, and all others who work on, or consult to, widely used products and services from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel, HP, and others. The tax savings can often result in tens of thousands to over 100s of thousands in refunds.

Other Services for Tech Companies

We are business specialists who lead tech companies to prosperity. Mark and his team draw on experiences from best practices of large corporate businesses in related industries such as media, other technology firms, and an entrepreneurial mindset to help you grow your company. So, even if you’re not bringing in the major revenue dollars YET, we can accelerate that process by developing solid business plans, or professionally presenting your firm and ideas to key money partners. We follow through with a strategic plan where we tell your story to outside investors as well as to guide your internal management and staff in terms of understanding goals with measurable metrics, and fluidity to stay the course. In short, we combine your vision through the narrative and tie that narrative to the numbers to create a workable plan of success.

Expert Practitioners: CPA, MBA Qualifications

We are experts on NEW apportionment letter rulings from the Washington State Department of Revenue. We have achieved refunds as much as $320,000 for a local tech company working as a Microsoft vendor. We review and analyze Statements of Works (SOWs) as they relate to specific revenue accounts reportable as B&O taxable. We reconcile to revenue reports in your general ledger system for ease of an audit trail. We determine whether the SOW contracts qualify for a refund of apportionment based on facts well beyond the previously used determinant of where the service was performed at, or where the product was directly shipped to.

Extremely important is that we are experts at writing the specific report in DOR language and in supplying all required supporting documentation. Our clients to date have received their refund without any auditor coming on their premises and we handle all of the State’s questions and correspondences

NO RISK; we only get paid when you get paid

We Only get paid when you get paid. We finalize our field work with little disruption to your staff or management team. We work with your project managers, accounting department and support teams as a committed and involved partner. We do the leg work. The really good news is that we do not charge if we do not get you a refund. And when we do get you a refund, our fees will be a commission only paid from your new refund proceeds. There is no risk, including our offer of a free one hour assessment to see if you are likely to qualify.


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