Other Consulting Services

Financial Horizons offers professional expertise on all business related matters. Comprised of executives from a variety of experiences in industry, Financial Horizons provides full executive level guidance and advice, including finance, strategy, information, leadership, and human resources. Our clientele ranges from the budding entrepreneur that is seeking experienced advice, to the executive team of large firms soliciting input or seeking a sounding board. Financial Horizons provides specific executive level expertise for an interim basis or longer depending upon need. Our capabilities are those associated with CEO, CFO, CIO, COO and most senior-level positions. We bring to your organization the agility of a “hired gun,” and the soul of a “partner”.
With time frames from short to long term based on your company’s need, Finnancial Horizons will pair you with a team of experts and specialists. What sets us apart is our leadership. We’ve put in our time at the top, and we’re experts at sharing this wisdom. Each member of our alliance is his or her own independent entity. We practice systems thinking while maintaining focus on individual experience. This alliance builds structures to fit complex environments. We specialize in a quadrant known for its significant environmental change and moderate to high complexity. We are all about adapting to our client’s needs.
Financial Horizons is comprised of ‘partners’ and ‘associates’ that have been recognized for their expertise in their respective fields. The partners and associates provide the expert functions associated with CEO, CFO, CIO and COO and most senior level capabilities. Services are rendered based upon need and the well-being of the contracting organization.

Strategic Consulting

Mark Sabo  knows all levels of business. Simply stated, for one to understand strategy, one must understand systems – from the ground up. He knows strategy and systems not only from theory, but from practice.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Among his peers, Mark is known as an expert in business valuations assisting with the mergers and acquisitions of media properties valued at over $1 billion including Viacom and Cox Broadcasting.

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