Mark Sabo has defined and instilled accounting processes and business finance strategy for our company for over 5 years that have met both our immediate needs and our long-term growth goals. Most recently, he has helped us identify and collect tax credits for which we were eligible, that without his involvement and expertise we would have not been aware of. Through his work, Mark was able to not only help us uncover and receive a substantial refund, but we now have a more accurate reporting model that is providing long-term savings for the business.

Melyssa Romney, Chairwoman

Mark Sabo has been instrumental in helping our business grow from an ambitious start-up into a financially mature, well-controlled business. Mark’s involvement at Prowess included helping us navigate the global economic crisis. Mark goes far beyond the level of engagement of a typical consultant and participates intellectually and emotionally as a part of our executive team. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, and compassionate, Mark has a sensitivity to business that has helped us keep pace with our loftiest expectations.

Aaron Suzuki, CEO
SmartDeploy Inc.

I have worked with Mark Sabo and Financial Horizons on mutual clients.  Mark established accounting and operating systems for the clients along with a very thorough budgeting process.  This helped the Bank understand the clients’ current and projected performance.  I highly recommend Mark and Financial Horizons.

Susan Finneran
Director of Client Relationships
Commerce Bank

KIROMark is a person of integrity, loyalty and honesty. With Mark’s help the station has been able to reduce expenses dramatically over the past five years, while still maintaining the core elements which have kept KIRO a strong market competitor. In addition, Mark is more than a solid senior finance person; he has consistently demonstrated strong strategic thinking an action that has benefited the entire enterprise. Mark has a strong entrepreneurial background and I’m sure would be a major asset to any company or organization in need of an experienced business professional.

John Woodin, VP and General Manager, retired.

Mark Sabo and his company are first rate. If you need financial outsourcing or expertise on a specific project, you would be smart to consider him.

Tony Cassara and Matt Knight, principals
Clocktower Partners, LLC

In many ways, Mark models the kind of “good” in business that this broken world of ours desperately needs.

Dr. Donald Doty, Professor
Northwest University

After two years of losses I hired Mark as a consultant for our finance group. Mark quickly proved himself and helped us analyze, predict and sustain profitability. He implemented changes in how our IT, IS and finance staff worked to reduce duplicate entry systems, unhelpful reports, and procedures. TPN  quickly came back to profitability resulting in a $1 million profit by the end of 2005. Mark brought objectivity and innovation to TPN. He is a great family man, a good listener and a man of action.

John Vadino, President/CEO
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